Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, March 29, 2010 at the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Ottawa, Canada Picture credit: U.S. Department of State   Last night just as we sat down for dinner, a news flash made both of us sick to our stomachs. Hillary it was said, had been found to have sent/received email that … More Cowards!

A Ridiculous Award!

Governor Scott in the “Environment” he know so little about! Picture credit: Eye on Miami ?? (not really sure)   I rarely find much humor in things that happen for the benefit of Wildlife in Florida, but this news in my email a few days ago, did make me laugh, out loud. The Global public outcry and rage about the … More A Ridiculous Award!

What a week!

The White House at night Picture credit: 350z33 Here in the United States, the fires are now being stoked and the flames are licking at  the heels of all those politicians/candidates foolish enough to make ridiculous/hateful comments in Public and at Rallies that are intended to illicit knee jerk reactions from those voters who have demonstrated that they will … More What a week!

Game on for Grayson~

Picture is from Grayson’s Facebook website   Yesterday Alan Grayson announced that he will seek the Senate office long ago abandoned by Marco Rubio. This is what many of us here have been hoping and waiting for since Rubio decided to run for President next year, a move he may soon regret because if/when he loses, his political … More Game on for Grayson~

Let it begin, again~

Two powerful and determined women, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma/Myanmar in December 2011.   With her expected  announcement later today, Hillary Clinton will once again run for President. Hopefully she will have better campaign advisors this time around. To compete in this very hostile environment, is not for the weak of heart, mind, or … More Let it begin, again~

Sí, se puede!

Beautiful Havana, the capital of Cuba Picture credit: Vgenecr In a move that I believed would never happen in my lifetime, resuming relations with a tiny country just 90 miles offshore from Florida, the President of this Country, has just changed the political status of our two countries once again. The Island Nation of Cuba … More Sí, se puede!

We Are All One America

Staff of President Clinton’s One America Initiative, the Initiative on Race Picture credit: Public Domain   Watching the returns for Florida last night was a mixed blessing. Most importantly to us, Amendment One passed with 75% of the voters in this state approving it. And thankfully, the elections are over and the dirty nasty commercials … More We Are All One America