Women In Florida, Hello, Are You Listening?

1917 National Women’s Party picketing the White House
Picture credit: Wikipedia/Library of Congress/Public Domain


This morning a new political Ad for Charlie Crist stopped me in my tracks.

I was delirious with joy when I heard it.

This was in my opinion, the first Ad that Crist has run that may actually have a real impact on women.

This new Ad may actually shake them up enough to do something.

The Ad claimed many things.

How many of them are true is unknown right now.

But the gist of this short and highly inflammatory Ad was this.

Governor Scott is against just about every single thing that has to do with Women’s Rights, all of them.

Here are but a few of the many Issues about Women, that Scott is said to be opposed to: Abortion, Birth Control, Equal Pay, Roe vs Wade.

Several years ago when then Senatorial Candidate Marco Rubio was to be interviewed on a local Fox Station they asked for questions.

I sent mine in and was shocked when it was one of four chosen to ask Rubio later that day.

What Rubio did after it was read to him, was not unusual, it was typical.

He dodged, danced, tip toed all around it, but avoided any real answer.

I lost all of my respect for him and the Republicans at that point.

The question was quite simple and he should have had the guts to answer it, but he did not.

I asked why the women of Florida should vote for him to be our next Senator, when as Speaker of the House, he refused to allow the ERA to even reach the floor to be discussed.

He was quoted as saying in another interview, that they ran out of time and it was really not that important.

Any questions??

The current Governor of Florida, has proven over the past three years in office, that he and Rubio are in complete agreement when it comes to women and their rights, or lack thereof.

After the disastrous Fox interview, I called a local councilman and wanted to ask his opinion about this.

His Secretary said that he was out.

I then told her why I was calling.

Her reply  told me everything that I needed to know about women and their state of mind in a ” No Rights ” state.

She basically said,  “I don’t need the ERA, I am just fine without it.”

I wonder if she realizes that if her boss decided to fire her because he did not like her hair style or any other silly reason, that she would have absolutely nothing to back her up here?

The ERA gives women the right to be protected in any and all instances, where she has been mistreated because of her sex.

Since moving here in 2004, I learned about the failure here of the ERA and have spoken many times, to many women, about it.

With the exception of a tiny handful, women here just do not seem to mind that they live in one of 15, mostly Southern States, where the ERA has still not been passed.

A recurring story on our News says that Florida is among the worst in America for violence on women, children and animals.

I am not surprised, few in control here, seem to care about their rights.

Why should they?

If women will not stand up and demand their equality, why should those in Tallahassee give it to them?

Frankly at this point, I have become so disgusted with the often, wimpy, whiny, female attitude here, that I often feel nauseated.

Too many women in Florida seem to be either delusional or living in complete denial.

Is this a Southern thing?

I am not from here, is this a male dominated culture of keeping women quiet and in their place?

Everyday I see women, children and animals, on the news beaten, battered and murdered and not nearly often enough, are the persons doing it, severely dealt with as expected, or as they should be.

Again, in my opinion, I don’t feel that the women here deserve to have equal rights, if they are not willing to do anything to get them.

Florida Women, trust me, no Republican man in Tallahassee cares if you have them, so it is a catch 22.

No one asks, no one gets.

The result, women, children and animals all suffer.

The great majority of other states in America are not like this, women, children and animals have rights in them.

Women in Florida, Hello, are you listening?


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