V is for Victory and Val!

Former Police Chief and current candidate for Congress, Val Demings
Picture credit: Her FB page


The 2016 political season has already had more fumbles than the NFL does on any given Sunday.

Every morning on CNN, we are deluged with all of the latest news and gossip about who did what, where and how badly they did it.

Polls indicate who is in front for the moment, who is dropping out of favor and who has been, or not been to what state and how they embarrassed themselves there.

Today I found a great place to get every political statistic that you could ever want, or never need.

It is new to me, but I am sure that it is not to any of you who are seriously invested in the political arena and all that that entails: Real Clear Politics

I will be referring to it often, over the next 15 months until the 2016 Elections.

Here in Orlando, former Police Chief Val Demings has just thrown her cap into the local political ring.

She will run once again, against Dan Webster, for United States House of Representatives seat in the 10th District Congress.

Demings may benefit from the newly, about to be drawn and finalized, court ordered District Maps, now fondly being called “Mapaggeddon!”

She was most recently, the first female Police Chief here for 4 years and served in the Department from 1984 -2011, but stumbled in her two recent attempts to win an elected political office.

Not sure why, as she had all of the makings of a terrific candidate, if it was her campaign team or other?

Personally I think that Val will be a perfect addition to this ethnically rich area of Central Florida, which could seriously use a woman with her lengthy experience in serving and caring for the community’s well-being and safety.

Demings came from modest beginnings in Jacksonville and moved steadily over 27 years, up through the ranks in the OPD, all the way to the top.

Val has been for many years, a strong, intelligent voice of reason here in Central Florida and if she does win this election, and beats Dan Webster, she could replace a huge bald spot in the receding hairline of old, bald white men here, who presently control everything in Florida.

It also does not hurt that her husband is Jerry Demings, the Orange County Sheriff.

Your future is bright Val and we are more than ready for you to begin your political career here!

You may even see that the ERA finally gets passed in this sad, sexist state.

Here’s hoping!

Wishing you a great campaign and a huge victory in 2016.


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