Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, March 29, 2010
at the G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Ottawa, Canada
Picture credit: U.S. Department of State


Last night just as we sat down for dinner, a news flash made both of us sick to our stomachs. Hillary it was said, had been found to have sent/received email that was classified as Top Secret.

Now as the entire country knows the Iowa Caucuses are Monday.

Let’s see, break the News at 5 PM on Friday night.

No time to either respond sufficiently, or do any kind of damage control, which is exactly what whoever is behind this in Washington wanted.

This attack mode had been in play against Hillary practically since the second she announced her candidacy, but this latest one is so far below the belt, even by DC standards, it is simply despicable.

Hillary has been attacked, humiliated, crucified, burned at the stake, you name it, they have done it to her, yet through it all, they continually turn up NOTHING.

Even the Benghazi Committee formed to destroy Hillary’s POTUS chances, finally was forced to reluctantly admit it was all done to damage her campaign and of course her personally.

Now on the eve of her first chance to show how she has managed to survive and thrive, in spite of all of the vicious, nearly illegal attacks against her, they drop this bomb at 5 PM on a Friday night.

My gut feeling is that she has not only survived, but is now an impending threat, so in a last desperate attempt to stop her, this.

I do not know exactly which part of our Government was the one really responsible for this, but they must have needed some kind of approval from higher up to do it, wouldn’t they?

Or does the Dep. of Justice now employ a separate rouge operation, doing and undoing, at will.

After all that has happened, I don’t know how Hillary has the stomach to continue.

She has been the single most persecuted Presidential Candidate in American political history and why, because she is a woman and that simply is not acceptable to the old, white Republican men who now run Washington.

Can she survive this latest insult?

God only knows.

What I do know is that there are millions of very angry people right now in America who like me, who are at the end of their rope and patience.

We have watched her main opponent be not only forgiven, but practically encouraged for all of his unacceptable behaviors over the past few months.

It is never Him directly, but staff kids, he says, or other, who do all the dirty deeds and they are excused, brushed aside, and will pay no dues for any of their despicable deeds.

But there is one thing that no one else but Bernie did and that is to write an outrageous manifesto years ago, stating that women want to, or like being raped, no gang raped, they fantasize about it he said.

Want to read it, Google it at Mother Jones or NPR, they both have it in its entirety.
It is alarming to think that the person who wrote this could ever become our President.

Where is the uproar, the outrage, the demand for justice over his actions?

But, Nothing!

In fact two days ago, when I posed the question on Twitter as to whether this was true, I was soundly attacked.

When I posted a positive comment on the Human Rights page about Hillary, I was viciously attacked by many of his supporters.

By the way, on that same page, the HRC page, there were hundreds of hateful remarks about how horrible this group was to choose to support Hillary.

Only one problem, of the hundreds of remarks under various names, the comments were like a cut and paste blast over the entire site.

Obviously someone at Bernie’s headquarters sent out an email blast and told them all to put the comments up on the HRC site.

It was truly sad.

Today is for me, and I am sure for millions of Hillary’s supporters, who have worked so long and so hard to enable her to get the chance to become the First woman POTUS, depressing.

All these months, so much at stake and now, one press release about emails last night could end it all.

I pray that the voters in Iowa do see through this and if they had chosen Hillary as their Candidate, will follow through on Monday and say go screw yourself Justice Department, or whoever it was who did this.

Her numbers just before this happened last night, had climbed again and apparently she scared all of them.

She is too close now and they are all getting very nervous.

So, they did what cowards always do, they fight dirty.



6 thoughts on “Cowards!

  1. Good diary, but let me share this:
    Here is a snippet of it: “(Sanders voices concern over men getting cancer as well, but apparently they don’t have to blame their sexual attitudes. Rather, it’s female authority figures who are to blame:

    A child has an old bitch of a teacher (and there are many of them), or perhaps he is simply not interested in school and would rather be doing other thing. [sic] He complains and rebels against the situation, which is the healthy reaction. When a person is hurt, no matter what age, he SHOULD rebel…. Outwardly, he becomes the “good boy”, [sic] conforming to the rules and regulations of the system. Inwardly, his spirit is broken, and his soul seethes with anger and hatred, which is unable to be expressed. He has learned to hold back his emotions and put on the phony façade of pleasantness. Thirty years later, a doctor tells him he has cancer.)”

    There is much more and it’s worse, start about 1/6th of the way down the page. Then share this with every women’s group in NH. He doesn’t deserve the vote of a single woman.

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