My Political Point of View

Yellowstone, my favorite place on Earth.

I have been, until moving here to Florida about ten years ago, a confirmed life long Democrat.

Now though, I find myself more often than not, voting for the person, not the Party.

Especially in the last two elections.

My recommendation to you as a potential Follower here is this:

If you hate Hillary, or Obama, please DO NOT Follow me.

I will not now, nor ever, follow any Blog with page after page of hate or bashing about either of them.

It has been bad enough for these past 8 years, living here in Florida, reading, hearing and seeing,  all of the hate about Obama.

Frankly, I am very tired and disgusted by it all.

I have NEVER written hate about another Party’s Candidate or a President, just because he was from another Party.

I have found many actions by previous Presidents in America and present day elected officials in Florida,  to be quite distasteful, even illegal, but saying or writing pure HATE about this, is not something that I feel yields any positive results.

I believe this kind of behavior to be both ridiculous and childish.

So, be advised, between now and November you may read things here that you dislike, or disagree with personally.

But this is my Blog, and I do have the right to voice my own opinion here.

However, Voting in this country is not a right, it is a privilege, one that I have considered extremely important, since my very first election, way back in the late ’60’s in LA.

I have never missed voting, it would be shameful to me to do so.

So, dear readers between now and November, be advised, this Blog will address the Issues that I believe are extremely vital to both women, the homeless, wounded Veterans and any others that may be not main stream in typical Florida Politics.

Yes, this Blog is meant to be somewhat satirical, but it will never be a joke!

If you do comment, keep this in mind, unkind, nasty or vulgar remarks will never be seen here.

In the mean time, please do Vote, people are dying all over the world for the right to do so.

Please don’t take it for granted because others have already done this for you here in America, they have given their lives to give you this privilege.

This is my political point of view~


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