Please Say Yes to Amendment One

The Everglades, an exquisite Florida Natural Area Photo credit:   On Election Day next Tuesday here in Florida,  although not everyone will be on board, or be all that terribly concerned, a very critical Amendment is on the Ballot and it is not about who will be our next Governor. It is about protecting the most perfect, precious commodities … More Please Say Yes to Amendment One

Considering Charlie

Charlie Crist in Brazil, 2009 Picture credit: Public domain   As said here earlier, since moving to Florida nearly 10 years ago, several times I have not voted for a Party, but for a person. Charlie Crist is a good example of this. When he was Governor, even though he was a Republican and I was not, I liked … More Considering Charlie

It Cannot Be A Tie!

Two of this country’s greatest activists for human rights: Joan Baez and Bob Dylan The Civil Rights  March on Washington,  August 28, 1963 Picture credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/ Rowland Scherman   This morning on our local News, the Race for Governor was said to basically be a tie. This is quite interesting because this same report also said … More It Cannot Be A Tie!

Plodding Along

Image: Public Domain   Politics in Florida is really ramping  up. The TV Ads are now non stop. And it is getting pretty ugly. If you believed any or all of the accusations, or mud being thrown by each side, then probably neither of these Candidates should win, but perhaps instead should be incarcerated, or worse? Do they still … More Plodding Along

Women In Florida, Hello, Are You Listening?

1917 National Women’s Party picketing the White House Picture credit: Wikipedia/Library of Congress/Public Domain   This morning a new political Ad for Charlie Crist stopped me in my tracks. I was delirious with joy when I heard it. This was in my opinion, the first Ad that Crist has run that may actually have a real impact … More Women In Florida, Hello, Are You Listening?

Winona LaDuke

  Winona LaDuke For those of you who are not familiar with her, Winona LaDuke is the Executive Director  of a group called  Honor the Earth. Last week they began a new campaign  called   “Love Water, Not Oil,”  that is vital, no critical,  to all Americans, not  just Native Americans. What Fracking and Oil pipelines have done and … More Winona LaDuke

Not Working

The Watts Riots in LA in 1965 Picture credit: Wikipedia   I have been watching the News for the past week with a very heavy heart, as each day, as the events unfold in Ferguson, painful, ugly and difficult memories are brought back. What is happening there,  is in many ways quite similar to what we … More Not Working