Game on for Grayson~


Picture is from Grayson’s Facebook website


Yesterday Alan Grayson announced that he will seek the Senate office long ago abandoned by Marco Rubio.

This is what many of us here have been hoping and waiting for since Rubio decided to run for President next year, a move he may soon regret because if/when he loses, his political career may be over.

When Rubio was running for this same office I wrote a question to a local Fox station here and asked him why the women of Florida should vote for him,  when as Speaker, he not only did not fight for our equal rights, he flat-out refused to allow the ERA bill to even get to the floor and was quoted as saying that, ” time ran out and it was, just not that important.”

As for my question that was asked of him that day by Fox, about the ERA bill, Rubio danced very carefully around the question and never did answer it.

Well, Dear Mr. Rubio, I feel exactly the same way about your political future.

You consistently avoid anything that may be unpopular, controversial, or keep anyone from financially supporting you.

This has been Rubio’s MO since getting into the political arena.

He, in my opinion, is the exact opposite of Grayson, and not a person that I could ever respect.

Yes, Grayson will have a very tough time, even with his own party, who feel that he is an embarrassment because he says it like he sees it and this is not always pretty or what is good for the Party!

Yes, he has had some ugly personal problems recently, but hopefully he can put them in the past and get on with his future, which should be representing the state of Florida in the United States Senate.

God knows that we could use a Senator here who will fight for us and isn’t constantly checking the latest polls, the mirror, or his bank account, to see how he is doing.

Since entering Politics in 2006, Grayson has been exactly the kind of person in office, that many of his legions of supporters here want to see him continue being.

Yes, it is hard to ignore Grayson, and he and those who like the way he does his job, are just fine with that.

Grayson did not get into politics to make pretty speeches that someone else wrote and handed to him just before he went on stage.

He got into Politics to represent those who need a champion to speak for them, something that the past has shown, he does quite well.

Grayson’s expected to be primary opponent in the Democratic Party, will be former Republican Murphy, who also supported the Keystone Pipeline.

So, it’s game on Grayson, go get him!


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5 thoughts on “Game on for Grayson~

  1. I’m very excited about Grayson for Senate. He’s exactly what FL and the nation need – a Washington OUTsider. 🙂

    I’m sure you saw his ‘Fake Trade’ TPP video – I thought there was a presidential aura about him. Maybe someday…!

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