Grayson: Game, Set, Match!



Watching CNN early this morning, as we often do, a fiery exchange between our Florida Representative Alan Grayson and Chris Cuomo, sent both of us right to our computers.
Cuomo was as usual, rapid-firing questions at Grayson,who unlike some of the guests on CNN who are not able to keep up with his pace, did just fine.

Grayson is a seasoned pro in this arena and few can best him, when he is on his game.
We here in Florida are quite used to his unusual style, which truly has no definition.
Grayson is brash, outspoken and fearless when it comes to speaking his mind.

And what is normally on his mind, are those with little or nothing and no one to speak for them.
Personally, I have rarely disagreed with anything political that he has said or done.
I only wish that his personal life was not such a train wreck.
Grayson, unlike Trump, fights for the little guys, the ones who really need a champion.

The subject/object of this morning’s conversation, which at times became a volatile exchange, was the recent admission by Rep. McCarthy,  (could he be related to the McCarthy from the ’50’s who hurt so many with his vile/evil lust for power?), that the ongoing 18 month investigation into Candidate Clinton, was basically just to take her down, or at the very least weaken her so badly, that she would vacate the Presidential race.

Grayson accurately called the never-ending Republican investigation a ” witch hunt. “
In Cuomo’s confrontational conversation today with Grayson, he may have finally met his match.
Grayson is more adept at this type of questioning than the often, hapless, clueless, Trump.

Anyway, the gist was that yes, this Republican Committee did assemble and has been spending millions of your American taxpayer dollars for, as Grayson so accurately points out, an investigation that has now lasted longer than Watergate.

This country’s Republican men are so terrified of having a woman in charge, especially a strong one like Hillary, that they would happily spend millions to humiliate and batter her, to keep her out of the White House.
May I at this point say that I for one, find it quite insulting that we are now, one of the few Democratic Nations in the world, that has not had a woman as their leader?

How many more years do we have to wait to see a woman in the White House?
What are all of you men so afraid of?
Could it be that you are worried that we might do a better job than you have for over 300 hundred years?
For the moment, we can at least take some solace in the demonstration of chivalry this morning on CNN.
And thank you Rep. Grayson for your passionate game, set and match!

6 thoughts on “Grayson: Game, Set, Match!

  1. These days we have to pull their pants down (figuratively) to check their labels to find out who owns them. They hide that fact until they start making or repealing laws. When you follow the money, in this case, the contributors to campaigns, and you will learn who they really work for.

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