What a week!

The White House at night
Picture credit: 350z33

Here in the United States, the fires are now being stoked and the flames are licking at  the heels of all those politicians/candidates foolish enough to make ridiculous/hateful comments in Public and at Rallies that are intended to illicit knee jerk reactions from those voters who have demonstrated that they will follow and support just about anyone in front of them at the moment, as long as they are from the party that they belong to.

To begin, there is the always tawdry and tacky, Trump, who opens his mouth and venom just comes pouring out.

If you have observed this heinous creature for very long, as was said this morning on “Meet the Press, the object of his venom changes so often, you will need a score card just to keep up with who he hates at the moment.

Right now, for this particular Presidential Election, he hates illegal aliens.

This week he took his Hate Show on the road to the West.

What I found most offensive was the stop in Los Angeles, where he spoke quite viciously about Mexican people.

Is this ignorant man even aware that within earshot that day, were likely hundreds/thousands of Californians who employ these same people in their companies, their homes and other?

It has been going on in California for decades, so why would this hateful man think he would find any true support there?

Then he moved on to a very supportive and friendly crowd in Phoenix,  which has become one of the most racist cities, in one of the most racist and humans rights repressive States in America, Arizona.

Please remember that Arizona was the very last state to honor Martin Luther King with a Holiday and only then because the Super Bowl was about to be boycotted.

And their former Governor Jan Brewer, herself a descendant of Norwegian and English immigrants, declared war on illegals a few years ago, just in case anyone had not heard with Arizona SB 1070.

Entirely too many who live there, find just about any and everyone who is not white, should be cause for concern, suspicion and/or incarceration.

Arizona and Phoenix have  become, just in my lifetime, two of the saddest places in the United States and an embarrassment to many Americans.

Many believe that if the Republican Party is to survive, and or win in 2016, they will sooner, rather than later, have to part ways with this ugly man.

Yes, it has been quite a week in Politics.

Understandably, the Democrats are salivating over Trump and the Republicans are getting nervous~

But, I personally believe that it is way too early for anyone to really come undone.

This week, Alan Grayson says that he wants to become Florida’s next United States Senator and the Republican field of Presidential candidates continues to grow daily~

It was reported today, that the teachers of the United States have chosen to give their political support to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And finally, yesterday, with much celebration and throngs cheering, the Rebel War Flag was taken down at the capital in Columbia, South Carolina and put in a museum there.

Now it is being suggested that for this brave move, their Governor Nikki Haley, who not so long ago, did not see the urgency in taking it down, now might be considered a good vice presidential candidate for 2016.

That’s all folks, but what a week this was~

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